Prometheus Unbound: A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts

Prometheus Unbound was first published in 1820 in a volume entitled Prometheus Unbound: A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts, With Other Poems. It took Shelley almost a year and a half to write the principal parts of Prometheus Unbound, beginning in late August or early September 1818 and ending in December 1819. But he appears to have been planning the poem as early as March 1818, and to be revising it as late as 26 May 1820, when he mailed "two little papers of corrections & additions" for interpolation into the press transcript.

S-GA contains the Fair Copy of Prometheus Unbound, which was written in three notebooks currently held at the Bodleian Library. It can be accessed below in the linear sequence of the finished work, from Act I through Act IV, or in the physical page order of the three notebooks in which it appears: Bodleian Manuscripts Shelley e.1, e.2, and e.3.