Bodleian MS. Abinger c.56

Bodleian MS Abinger c.56 (formerly designated Dep. 477/1) consists of 62 leaves originally bound in Notebook A, one of two now disbound notebooks in which Mary W. Shelley (MWS) drafted the two-volume version of Frankenstein. The draft in c.56 runs from the beginning to the end of Volume I, concluding just as the Creature is about to begin his tale to Victor. The pages of c.56 can be accessed in three different sequences: (1) in their current physical sequence below; (2) in their order within a virtually reconstituted Notebook A; and (3) in the linear sequence of the the two volume draft. For bibliographical details about c.56, see the introduction to Notebook A. For the S-GA overview of the composition of Frankenstein, see our Introduction.

Reconstituted Sequences

Linear sequence of the work

Original Notebook physical form