Bodleian MS. Abinger c.57

Bodleian MS Abinger c.57 (formerly designated Dep. 534/1) consists of 94 leaves, of which 18 were originally bound in Notebook A and 76 in Notebook B, the notebooks in which Mary W. Shelley (MWS) drafted the two-volume version of Frankenstein. The draft in c.57 includes the entirety of Volume II, Chapters 1-18, and was written in Fall 1816. The pages of c.57 can be accessed in three different sequences: (1) in their current physical sequence below; (2) in their order within a virtually reconstituted Notebook A and Notebook B; and (3) in the linear sequence of the two volume draft. For bibliographical details about c.57, see the introductions to Notebook A and Notebook B. For the S-GA overview of the composition of Frankenstein, see our Introduction.

Reconstituted Sequences

Linear sequence of the work

Original Notebook physical form